Trip to the Southbank

Whenever I visit London, for work or play, I always think of myself as 30 years younger. Student days long gone, but never forgotten..

This time, I’m with Martin, the husband, who has much longer legs than me. Usual trotting along behind him, a couple of pub stops and saw these en route. Just enough time to take the pic before galloping onwards…

So we had tickets for Bedoine, a last minute booking and a recommendation from Spotify. Hipster folk music from a Syrian born Armenian lady, brought up in Saudi Arabia and now in LA. ‘I come in peace’ she said, looking a bit embarrassed. You could feel the mutual love and embarrassement in the hall. o need to apologise, or we could all start apologising if you like….

We were In the Queen Elizabeth Hall, so smarter than the usual London venues and I got a loud tut when I took this photo.

Just in case you want to hear what the aptly named Bedoine sounds like here you go…

So either side of the music we wandered the Southbank.

This picture brought back memories. When we were here before, with two small boys in tow, the lure of a Doctor Who exhibition meant Martin tried to take young Matthew inside. Not fancying the queues, they tried to slip in the side door and set off the fire alarm. Older brother was in pieces, fearing half of his family were off to prison and he would be left with his mother. Fortunately both reprobates arrived back looking sheepish. Timelord or not, Dr Who would have to wait….

Good day out and reminded me I should get out more often.

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