So my family thought I’d gone on a protest…

So my friend Annie and I both realised we had never been for a trip around Buckingham Palace. Annie, not being a native, had an excuse, but I had none, so we booked a private tour with champagne as you do.

So here we are on the train, starting off as we meant to go on…

Now, I’m the sort of the lady who thinks living in a meritocracy and equal opportunities are important. I’ve been known to go on the odd, protest or two, so when I told my family I was off to Buckingham Palace, they just assumed I had taken a banner and was off to shout about something… So here’s the proof, no banners, no shouting…I even wore a dress!

Unfortunately we couldn’t take photos inside, just in the garden outside, but we did get a free prize of a guide book..

Apparently I now have access to the garden and tea rooms for a year….so might pop along there when back in London for a work trip. See what the company expense policy has to say about that ..


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  1. pauline Sharp

    Wonder if you are going to blog as often as your other half -struggle to keep up with his posts ! I did Buck House last year -every intention of re visiting again ,as its free,but we never did !


    • Christine Taylor

      Hi Pauline. Answer to that is definitely no! I have a full time job which keeps me pretty busy. 🙂
      I quite often work in London, so might get an opportunity to visit again, but it was nice to see it once , being the most soul that I am.


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