As I march rapidly into my mid fifties, this blog is to remind me that life’s regrets are based on the things we fail to do, not the things we do.

Usually found apologising for ‘not being very good at being a girl’. Tech, current affairs and travel are my bag.  Lifelong CAMRA member, who knows a good pint of real ale when she drinks it. Likes a bit of a project and DIY. Getting rid of stuff and creating memories instead are important.

Never met another female like me, but too late to worry about that now.

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Horsham, pretty as a picture

So with work on Friday in Maidenhead and the following Monday in Brighton, it seemed a good opportunity to sample some Sussex delights over the weekend rather than going home and Martin was happy to join me. Overnight Friday was in Horsham. I thought I knew the towns of Sussex reasonably well but this one…

Trying to find the good in Maidenhead

So I was hoping a work trip to Maidenhead would reveal a hidden treasure that I had previously failed to find. It’s the constituency of our former PM, Theresa, who clearly likes the finer things and the surrounding villages are both delightful and upmarket. So surely it couldn’t be that difficult? Cue hideous multistorey carpark,…

Guilty Pleasures

So at the last minute, a call came to help out a client in Brighton. As soon as I finished work, I booked a hotel and hopped on a train so I could be there bright and breezy at 8.30am without leaving at silly o’clock in the morning. I like Brighton and would have welcomed…